How to contribute

You can contribute to the association by making a gift of your time. Join the 600 volunteers who take action to support alumni in the Icam spirit of sharing and solidarity.

Goal: 700 volunteers 

The association is always looking for new volunteers, from recent graduates all the way up to retirees. The average volunteer is 35 years old. 

The goal is to assemble 700 volunteers in order to better spread out the tasks to be done. Most volunteers get involved at Icam campuses. Others lead activities for the association and the alumni network, both in France and abroad. 

A variety of opportunities 

Depending on your availability, you can dedicate just half a day or as many as several days per year to the association. There are many different tasks available. 

  • On-campus volunteering: student representation, professional projects, business creation projects, alumni mentorship, etc.
  • Alumni networking: organization of social events, tours, or talks; serving as an Icam correspondent abroad; managing social media; etc.
  • Professional support: jobs/career support, Icam à Vie contribution, leadership of a professional group, etc.
  • Icam Alumni operations: national operations and coordination with different regions, association support, regional vice-presidency.
  • Volunteering with “Les Amis de l’Icam” association at student residences: vice-presidency of “Les Amis de l’Icam”, co-organization of certain events with the residences.



Learn more about volunteer opportunities

Download this document for a detailed description of the opportunities available and their goals.