Make a donation to the Féron-Vrau Foundation

You can support Icam’s projects by making a donation to the Féron-Vrau Foundation. By doing so, you contribute directly to funding zero-interest loans and the group’s property development.

The Féron-Vrau Foundation

The Féron-Vrau Foundation—named after the two founders of Icam, Philibert Vrau and Camille Féron-Vrau—is a French public-interest organization. Its status allows it to collect gifts and pass on tax benefits to donors, such as reduced income tax and real estate asset tax. The Foundation can also receive bequests. 

Donations may come from families of students, alumni, companies or private foundations.

Offer an equal playing field and support campus life

The Féron-Vrau Foundation funds zero-interest honorary loans to encourage deserving students to pursue their goals. These loans finance an entire course of study at Icam. Their reimbursement plan begins when graduates start their careers. 

The Foundation helps students flourish as well by funding the renovation and construction of Icam campuses and student residences. As an example, the Foundation covered the construction of a new laboratory building and the renovation of the youth training center at the Toulouse site.


A strategic role within Icam

The Féron-Vrau Foundation is a key pillar of Icam’s development projects. 


Icam’s development is closely tied to the Foundation’s financial possibilities.

(Jean-Yves Le Cuziat, President of the Foundation)