Jobs/Careers team

The Jobs/Careers team supports alumni throughout their professional lives, from their first job to the end of their career, always upholding Icam?s values. 

Support at every step

The team can provide advice and resources for every important moment in one's career:

  • Career evaluation for those who want to take stock of their careers so far and plan their next steps

Individual support and group sessions

Individual support is provided by Jobs/Careers volunteers. Alumni may use individual support to prepare for a variety of situations: job searching, job interviews, end-of-contract negotiations, returning from a work experience abroad, etc.

During collective sessions, the team leads discussions and invites experienced alumni and external experts to share their knowledge. These events shed light on recruiters? expectations and facilitate network building. They also provide the opportunity to reflect on one's career and professional goals at key moments.

Our shared experience with Icam makes it easy to get right to the subject. These are great opportunities to speak with sympathetic peers and bring up issues that might be difficult to approach in our usual professional environments. (Laurent S.)

Stay up-to-date with the Jobs/Careers team in Icam Liaisons 

 The team shares information and advice in the monthly newsletter Flash Icam Liaisons and in the publication Icam Liaisons

 These often include studies of the job market or a specific sector, advice on networking, tips for making a successful professional transition, and more.




If you have any questions or wish to share a job offer, please write to: or call +33 (0)1 53 77 22 22