First job

Advice, virtual events, practice interviews and more. The Jobs/Careers team is here for Icam students and recent graduates who are seeking their first job.

A session several months after the program's end 

The “Finding a first job” session is organized over one or two days, depending on the number of recent graduates who are interested and the format (in-person or virtual). 

The session goes over the basic elements of job searching: professional goals, the search itself and communication (CV, LinkedIn profile, pitching one’s candidacy, interviews).

What to expect:

  • small-group workshops led by the Jobs/Careers team 
  • a presentation by a recruiting expert
  • mock interviews with alumni playing the part of the interviewer.

Support on Facebook and LinkedIn: special efforts due to the crisis 

The Facebook group Recherche d'emploi 120/2020, created in partnership with the student representatives of the class that graduated in October 2020, is open to recent graduates looking for work. It relays job offers and provides a supportive environment for discussing topics related to the job search. 

On LinkedIn, the “Icam Alumni (Official)” group also shares job offers and posts about news and events. It’s open to all alumni.

The Icam alumni directory, an invaluable resource

The online directory is another essential tool for job searching. Through the directory, young alumni can get in touch with Icam engineers to learn more about their companies’ values and areas of focus—very helpful for developing one’s professional goals or simply networking.

After having applied to over a hundred jobs, I was certain that using my network would help me find a job more quickly than sending in unsolicited applications. (Raphaël G.)

Webinars and help sessions

Given the need for on-demand support, the Jobs/Careers team has developed a range of webinars and sessions to help with the process of finding a job online. Experienced alumni are here to lend a hand by leading mock interviews and giving advice.

After some discussions, job offers started to appear! This experience showed me how strong the alumni network is. Everyone is ready to help out another Icam alumus. (Raphaël G.)



If you have any questions or wish to share a job offer, please write to the team: or call +33 (0)1 53 77 22 22.