Project Icam for life

The “Icam à Vie” (Icam for Life) platform enables Icam engineers to continue learning about new scientific and technical fields throughout their lives, while also considering the implications of these advancements for management, the workforce, and the environment.

Training for new techniques

The association conducted a broad survey of Icam alumni (over 2,000 respondents) to learn which fields interested them the most. 

The following themes, as well as their consequences for management, stood out:

  • Energy transition
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Big data
  • Ethics

Expert-approved content

Icam à Vie gives alumni and teachers access to relevant content that experts (engineers and lecturers) have reviewed and recommended.

The association is proud to be working on these subjects with partners such as l'Université numérique ingénierie et technologie (UNIT)Mission Change and Centre Sèvres.

E-learning platform

The pedagogical content is available on the e-learning platform Coorpacademy.

Access is free for all Icam students, lecturers and engineers. However, users who do not log in to the platform for three months will be disconnected to make room, if necessary, for new users.

The platform consists of structured courses with modules for different levels, videos, and quizzes. Some of the courses are certificate-granting, such as the Artificial Intelligence course, and can be added to a CV. 

Forums for discussion

Icam à Vie also provides spaces to talk about the meaning of these changes by organizing discussion forums:




For further information, contact Jean-Yves Aubé (ILI 70), Jean Federspiel (ILI 85) or Olivier Croix (INA 96) at