Icam Alumni helps its members stay connected and benefit mutually from these connections that reflect Icam's values: audacity, trust, freedom, responsibility, solidarity and collective success.

Supporting engineers

The association keeps updated records of the professional and personal situations of Icam alumni and their companies, both for internal use and to inform recruiting agencies and businesses.

It helps graduates succeed in their professional and personal lives by leading job-search workshops for young engineers, sharing job offers, and holding informational sessions as well as sessions on self-reflection. Further support is available for engineers experiencing difficulties.

Supporting Icams development

The association maintains close connections with Icam campuses and contributes to their development. It advises Icams board of trustees as it makes decisions about Icam’s industrial and scientific aims and its academic orientations. 

Contributing to Icams reputation

Icam Alumni seeks to uphold Icam’s reputation and promote its values and diploma. The association organizes regional and national events for socializing as well as professional networking.

It represents alumni in engineering groups such as Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France (IESF). Furthermore, Icam Alumni maintains mutually beneficial and cooperative relationships with the other engineering associations.