Other support

Like all French associations, Icam Alumni is an organization that can receive financial donations. These are payments that are not subject to tax benefits and that are offered without return consideration. The donations are listed as part of the association’s operating income.

Supporting contributions

It is possible to give a “supporting contribution” to the association as a complement to gifts to the Féron-Vrau Foundation. A minimum amount of 50€ is suggested for these contributions.

One-time gifts

Members or groups (such as class years) can make one-off donations to the association (for example, to balance the accounts after an alumni event).

A strategic role within Icam Group

Any of the payment methods accepted by the association can be used. The payment must specify “donation” or “supporting contribution.”

  • Check made out to Icam Alumni
  • Bank transfer to the Icam Alumni bank account
  • Debit card (one payment or four installments) via the website
  • Lydia via the website