Icam Alumni is composed of junior members, full members, benefactor members, honorary members and associate members. 


The association is administered by a Board of between 18 and 30 members, including the following roles:

  • Icam, represented by its General Manager
  • The Chaplain of the association
  • Two junior members, appointed according to the terms of the association’s internal regulations from the group of representatives designated by Icam's student councils on each campus.

The other members of the Board are elected from among the full members by secret ballot at the General Assembly.

Board members serve for two years. The Board is renewed every two years. Members may serve for a maximum of ten cumulative years. The Board meets at least twice per year.

Missions of the Board

The Board’s main responsibilities are:

  • Defining the association's strategy
  • Deciding on actions to take with respect to the strategy approved by the General Assembly
  • Determining the association's official stance on relevant topics
  • Appointing the members of the Bureau
  • Following the Treasurer's motion, setting the association's annual operating budget

The Board elects a Bureau via simple majority from among its active and elected members. The Bureau is composed of a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer and a Secretary. Following the President’s motion, the Board may appoint certain full members as “official representatives.”

The Bureau is the operational body of the association and guides the implementation of the policies set by the Board.

Learn more: Statutes as of September 19, 2020


The Chaplain is appointed upon the proposal of the Provincial Superior of the Society of Jesus and in agreement with the President of Icam Alumni. The Chaplain’s term is three years long and may be renewed.

The Chaplain is present at all of the association's important events and helps the association remain faithful to Icam’s values and spirit. Interested engineers may benefit from the Chaplain’s knowledge of Ignatian spirituality.