Recruit an Icam or apply for a job, via your job space

22 February 2024 Professional life
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There are two channels, depending on the seniority of the position:

Experienced engineers: you have a job space on the website. This allows you to consult and post job advertisements. Job offers from the alumni network are highlighted. You can also complete an anonymous mini CV and download your CV, making it accessible to recruiters.
By special request, certain job offers can be included in the newsletter or highlighted on the LinkedIn Icam Alumni group (official).
Students and recent graduates: everything takes place on the Icam Career Center, accessible to all Icam alumni via the school's portal.
As a recruiter, you can post ads for students, apprentices and recent graduates, and promote your employer brand. To connect directly, use your icam e-mail address If you have any problems connecting, please contact

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