Vie Pro" sessions in Paris: face-to-face sessions make all the difference

15 December 2023 Professional life
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The face-to-face "Professional Life" sessions offer a unique opportunity for alumni engineers to get together and share their questions, in a safe and friendly atmosphere: there are no colleagues, managers or employers present. Even if student life experiences may have been slightly different from one person to another, depending on the site or the period, complicity quickly develops between participants. From there, a fruitful exchange develops between the participants, guaranteeing progress in the approach. Testimonial from Benoit Heyman, 119 Lille

Why did you want to take part in Point Carrière?

Icam training opens up a wide range of career opportunities. I wanted to clarify my career aspirations, meet engineers and find out about their career paths.

What did you expect?

My main expectation was to meet engineers from different backgrounds, to take a step back and discuss our questions and our sources of fulfillment. At the same time, it was an opportunity to take a moment to reflect on my professional life.

What did you get out of it?

These two sessions were rich in discoveries, on the one hand about the diversity of career paths, and on the other about how each person perceives his or her work environment. I came away with new ideas, food for thought and keys to understanding.

Would you recommend the session and why?

Point Carrière is an ideal opportunity to start thinking about your career and find answers to your questions. The quality of the speakers and the content of the workshops are highly relevant! I highly recommend these two sessions, which take place in a pleasant and caring group atmosphere!

Benoit Heyman (119 Lille)

Next dates:

"Rebondir": Friday, January 19, 8:45 a.m.-6:00 p.m., 3 rue de Liège, Paris 9th arrondissement

"Career Point: March 15/16 and May 24/25

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